Nirumid stands for a group of products based on “Polyamide” which are offered in a variety of grades (6, 66) and specifications according to customer’s demands. Polyamidesare widely recognized as an engineering material used for manufacturing of engineering plastic parts offering outstanding mechanical properties.Polyamides have high tensile strength, modulus and good wear resistance. In order to improve the mechanical properties of polyamides, Nirumand polymer compounds PA6 and PA66 with glass fiber, mineral fillers and other additives. Compounding polyamide with glass fiber significantly improves its tensile strength, modulus and impact resistance. Reinforced PA with glass fiber is applicable in home appliance, electrical and high engineering performance parts.

Nirumand Polymer

Nirumand Polymer Pars Eng. Co. is an international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds in Tehran, Iran. Since 1997, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to meet its customers'​ demanding requirements. The Company's customers span a wide range of markets such as packaging industry, gardening and agriculture industry, building & construction, electronics & electrical, Automotive, sports, home, Healthcare, custom services and others.