Engineering services

Research and development department (R&D), laboratory and quality control department of Nirumand company in addition to precise control of raw materials and products by utilizing its experienced staff and laboratory facilities, can advise to customers on reverse engineering and offer appropriate raw materials. in direction with customer-oriented policy, our company provides its customers in free consulting services on materials selection and troubleshooting during production. The availability of equipment such as a twin-screw research extruder and an injection machine alongside a Nirumand laboratory have enabled it to collaborate with various projects in the field of compounding

 A twin-screw laboratory extruder

Laboratory extruder used by our company, extruder is an ideal chose for the preparation of simple formulation as well as formulation of engineering polymers with the specific application at the laboratory and semi industrial scale.

  • Maximum capacity: 40 kg/hr
  • Maximum requirement for compounding: 3kg
  • Length to diameter ratio L/D: 40
  • Eight adjustable heat zone along the cylinder up to: 350 c
  • Adjustable around to up: 500 rpm
Nirumand polymer laboratory

Our lab up-to-date equipment to perform the following tests upon customer request.

Services of Nirumand polymer company

1-Developing scientific and research projects.

2-Free technical and expert advice on choosing the right ingredients for our customers

3-providing and appropriate context collaborating with talented researches and collages in the field of compounding.

4-specialized laboratory facilities in the field of compounding.

Nirumand Polymer

Nirumand Polymer Pars Eng. Co. is an international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds in Tehran, Iran. Since 1997, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to meet its customers'​ demanding requirements. The Company's customers span a wide range of markets such as packaging industry, gardening and agriculture industry, building & construction, electronics & electrical, Automotive, sports, home, Healthcare, custom services and others.