Aspirations and Values

As a producer of reinforced engineering plastics based on standards and a laboratory service provider, Nirumand Polymer Company has implemented the following strategies in order to attain greater quality and customer service. By embracing the quality management system and striving to institutionalize continuous improvement and nonconformity prevention mindset in the entire company’s processes we aspire to reach the defined goals.

  • Attending domestic and international exhibitions and connecting with potential customers with an aim of expanding our market and maintaining the existing customers.
  • Enhancing the quality of our products as well as our laboratory services according to desired standards.
  • Improving the customer satisfaction by accommodating their needs based on desired standards, emphasizing on time delivery and cost optimization.
  • Empowering our team to improve their knowledge in all organization’s departments by providing training opportunities related to their working field and responsibilities. 
  • Ensuring our competitiveness through expense optimization, waste reduction and improving operational efficiency.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction by fostering a working environment that embraces team work and motivation.


Nirumand Polymer Company’s mission is to produce filled and reinforced engineering plastics according to customer’s demand in different industries such as automotive industry, home appliances and packaging industry based on international standards.


Our perspective is to be among top two producers of filled and reinforced engineering plastics in Iran and among top five producers in the Middle East by 2021.


  • We emphasize integrity as a core value in our organization. Relationship between employees, customers and suppliers are based on integrity.
  • Meritorious employees are our most valued asset. Meritorious employees are ones which are eager to learn, efficient team members, responsible, creative, respectful and loyal to organization.
  • Nirumand Polymer is aware of its social responsibility towards employees and outside of organization and acts on it.
  • Nirumand Polymer manages its relationship with suppliers and customers with a regard to long term perspectives.

Nirumand Polymer

Nirumand Polymer Pars Eng. Co. is an international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds in Tehran, Iran. Since 1997, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to meet its customers'​ demanding requirements. The Company's customers span a wide range of markets such as packaging industry, gardening and agriculture industry, building & construction, electronics & electrical, Automotive, sports, home, Healthcare, custom services and others.